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Small Business Web Design. Based in the Gold Coast

We build an online presence for local tradies, shop owners and restaurants.


Let me take you every step of the way, I’ll display the passion and hard work that has gone in to your business and display it to the world whether it be a showcase, or a lead generating platform.

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My Services

Website Design

Whether you want your website to be a showcase of boutique craftsmanship, or a platform to generate you more leads and customers, we can help. We’ve narrowed down the most important elements and the way we place them in your website to deliver your business’s needs.

Website Design

We’ll take your business’s needs in mind and build the perfect website for you. We’ll create an aesthetic, functional, clean looking website with persuasive call to action techniques to convert your page visitors in to customers.

Branding & Logo

To craft the perfect looking website, we need a clean look. and that requires your own brand identity – a colour and a logo you’re identified with. If you don’t have a logo already, we can help get the show on the road with a fresh look for your business.

Content Strategy

Content strategy means getting the right content, to the right people, at the right place, at the right time. We can help create a sustainable, engaging and purposeful content for your new website.

Website Hosting

When a website is built, you need a running server to host it on the web and keep it online 24/7. I use dedicated hosting platforms for each website and perform regular health checks. This is a monthly based subscription that is inclusive of all website maintenance as well as any future content updates.

hosting plan

Our hosting servers are the most competitively priced in the country. We’ll host your new or existing website at a price that you can’t say no. Our new servers are up to 30x faster than the competition and we perform routine checks every month to keep your website quick and responsive.


Our reliable hosting platform has an unmatched uptime. We do this by thorough, regular maintenance and health checks for your website.

future website Updates

We include a limited amount of updates & work on your website as part of our basic hosting plan. If you have a rapidly changing, fast paced business, we also offer plans that include more hourly updates per month. 

My Process


If I haven’t already, I will make your very own personalised video outlining¬† what I have in mind for you and your business by taking you through some examples I’ve built recently.

setup & design

Once you’re happy to go ahead, I’ll schedule you in for a 30 minute phone call and take some info about you and your business as well as some photos for the website.


Using your photos and content, I start building and experiment until I create a design that I’m satisfied with. I will send you your very own website prototype and if you approve, it’s on to the last step!


It’s important we make the perfect website for you. We will make a final phone call and I’ll show you every inch of your new website. As I take you through – you will point out anything you’re not happy with and I’ll fix it up and we’re done!

web design spotlight

new website build:

Hutchison Constructions Co.

Alex is a local builder out of Geelong servicing the Bellarine Peninsula & the Surf Coast. His website was completed this month, showcasing his work around the area and his flash looking decks! Check it out here:

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